Strategic Consulting

The office was reformed and renamed in July 2013, building on a fifteen-year history of organizational design consulting and enterprise portfolio management. This internal consulting unit reports directly to the executive vice president for administration and finance.


To drive and enable organizational improvement across Georgia Tech.

Vision Statement:

Georgia Tech Strategic Consulting will consistently demonstrate value and be proactively engage by academic, research, and administrative units for strategic services that contribute to the Georgia Tech mission.

Our Value Proposition:

In the relentless pursuit of institutional effectiveness, our improvement projects help Georgia Tech achieve:

  • Efficiency:  Identifying and creating opportunities for enhanced performance and productivity.
  • Alignment:  Helping Georgia Tech units align their purpose, priorities, and resources with the Georgia Tech mission and vision.
  • Knowledge Sharing:  Optimizing resources through integration and application of knowledge and connections across the Institute.
  • Managing Change:  Driving and supporting the adoption of positive, planned, and sustainable change.
  • Discipline:  Bringing a clear, focused, and disciplined approach to improve processes across the Georgia Tech community.